We developed proprietary products to assist your in-house personnel to post and analyze data quicker, as well as add value to the services you offer to your clients.

In addition to developing our client-based macros, which are used to deliver your specific job outputs, and which can be customized for your unique corporate deliverables, we have special applications that are available for you to utilize.

A powerful, web-based database tool that allows users to drill into existing survey data. Users can create custom crosstabs from either the existing hosted survey or from final custom tabs. Users can also create custom banners, stubs, or filters, which can be outputted as either tables or graphics into Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Imports Confirmit, Decipher, Survey Monkey, SPSS.

Data Mining (click to view):

Verbatize (currently in development)

A web-based function, in conjunction with POWERTAB™, that allows us to tag, categorize and analyze your unstructured verbatim text via AI and human judgment. Verbatize automatically creates Loyalty, Net Promoter Score, Sentiment, Topics, Expressions, and Cluster Analysis transforming them into interactive graphics for actionable insights. Users can filter the interactive graphics, the actual verbatim text, or their detail coded answers by any combination of that survey’s checkbox answers.

Text Analytics (click to view):

Custom Client Applications

From research to presentation, web-based or desktop, custom-designed macros in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., or any application within any research function. Any of our non-exclusive, already developed programs/applications/macros are available for your use, or we’ll create something specific to your needs that allows your outputs to easily slide into your presentations, eliminating the grunt work of tabbing, posting, graphing.

Examples (click to view):


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