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Intelli-Sync provides a wide range of services to the market research community worldwide.

Back in the early 2000’s, the market research industry required a more global approach – firms required partners who were available 24 hours a day and were flexible on price. They needed American expertise but wanted to utilize global work-centers to get jobs done faster and cheaper. Intelli-Sync was born out of that need.

Intelli-Sync was founded in 2006 by splitting off from an already established data processing company, TelStar USA Inc. Our goal was to take advantage of the global economy – bringing the benefits of international time-zones and currencies to market research companies.


Intelli-Sync provides a wide range of services to the market research community worldwide: survey programming, tabulation services, data entry, verbatim coding, and custom application programming. We are the one-stop-shop solution for all your data collection, data processing, and data presentation needs – at very reasonable prices that are geared to your individual company’s internal pricing methodology.


We have a reputation for our ability to process the most complex studies accurately and in a timely manner, while also providing exceptional value on projects of all sizes, as we operate across multiple time zones on a 24/7 basis.


Our clients come from broad disciplines including market research, human resources, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education, automotive, retail, financial services, and more. And our leadership has a broad range of expertise from years of experience in the MR industry. This experience has cultivated a sensitivity to our clients’ needs, and the ability to meet these needs in a wide variety of survey research applications.


Leadership Team

Joshua Capozzi

President, Intelli-Sync Ltd.


Boston University
B.S. Psychology / Business Administration

Josh is the founder of Intelli-Sync Ltd, bringing TelStar’s on-shore expertise off-shore by establishing a global workforce. In 2006, Josh combined both corporate entities allowing clients to have the off-shore cost savings managed by on-shore senior U.S. people. Josh oversees all operational aspects of data collection, data processing, and IT infrastructure for both companies.

Paul Capozzi

President, TelStar USA, Inc.


SUNY Geneseo of Business
B.S. Management Science

Paul is the founder of TelStar USA Inc., an on-shore data processing company specializing in all survey related functions. With over 40 years in the MR industry, Paul is responsible for business growth, strategy, project development for new and existing clients, and developing the most efficient means for executing a project’s design.


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