That’s right, the economy still stinks. Ad spending & research budgets are way down. Profit margins are shrinking dramatically. Corporate downsizing is a necessity. What about your company’s budgets? Are you really saving money or losing quality? Are you receiving any value-added services that’ll make a difference to your clients & therefore your sales?

Get max value on all your coding & tabbing functions…

  • Foreign language verbatim translations OR coding direct from languages requiring no expensive translations
  • Open-ended code-lists for client code approval showing frequencies & percents AND the actual verbatims per net/subnet/code-point
  • Offshore data processing centers saving you THOUSANDS per year
  • U.S. REPS so your people don’t have to deal with time zones or languages
  • DOUBLE QC’ING (offshore & onshore) on every job
  • A simple to use online data-mining app accessing all your tab jobs AT NO ADDITIONAL COST
  • Fixed, NOT VARIABLE PRICING, per tab job for all jobs regardless of size &/or difficulty

We give you more, for less, because we can. To learn more